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We look forward to creating a NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW Diamond Aloha World with you!!!


Before Solstice Week: Diamond Specials to Prepare your body to Receive the powerful Solstice Energies at whatever level you choose!

"Kick off" Solstice Week on Monday, June 17th, with:

Celebrate Solstice Day - Friday June 21st, 2013 - with:

  • FREE LIVE" Diamond Aloha Solstice Activation - A special GIFT from Jacqueline Joy 11:00 - 11:45 AM (California Time Zone)
    Call-In Information will be sent to ALL on June 20th

  • Jacqueline Joy's "LIVE" Diamond Installation Transmission: 1:00 - 2:30 PM (California Time Zone)
    Step into Diamond Leadership and join Jacqueline Joy in Divine Play & Creation at the highest Diamond level!!!

If your schedule or time zone does not allow you to be on the "LIVE" call, You can still receive the Diamond Aloha Transmissions remotely, in the Multidimensional way, via MP3 recording - which is just as powerful as being on the LIVE call.

MP3 recordings of each LIVE call will be available for you to download within 3 hours after the LIVE event.

After the Solstice:

  • All of the above Specials (including "LIVE" Events by recording) will still be available for you to harness, receive and integrate the Solstice Energies - which will continue to be very active through the end of the month.

Please contact Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com if you have questions.


The following Specials which are available to ALL ... are prerequisites for the Diamond Aloha Leadership Package.

Premium Diamond Connection Subscription - You must be an ACTIVE "PREMIUM Diamond Connection" Subscriber. If you are not yet a PREMIUM subscriber, you may SIGN UP HERE.
75% to 80% OFF

"10 Best" Diamond Aloha Transmission Audio Package with Jacqueline Joy -
Activations, Discourses, and Transmissions, supercharged with "Diamond Aloha Power", that will vibrationally prepare your body to receive the Advanced Transmissions in the Leadership Package below. You may SIGN UP HERE.
75% to 80% OFF


The Diamond Aloha Leadership Package includes:

  • The Personal Diamond Installation – "LIVE" and via Recording
    Jacqueline Joy's advanced Transmission of the Sacred Diamond Chamber into your cells provides you with an extremely high vibrational HOME for your highly sensitive Multidimensional Golden Child to feel free and able to shine in the density of our Physical world. This Installation of your Sacred Diamond Chamber, received "LIVE" or via recording, will prepare your cells to receive the powerful 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions, delivered by Jacqueline Joy, during the Opening Financial Flow Journey.

    Once you receive your Diamond Installation, you will be eligible to participate in ALL future "LIVE" Diamond Installation events - FREE OF CHARGE.

    Next "LIVE" Group Diamond Installation, via Conference Call, takes place on:
    Friday, June 21st
    1:00 - 2:30 PM (California Time Zone)

    Full Description
  • Stellar Golden Energy Flow for One Month
    24/7 flow of the 1000-frequency Golden Nectar to nourish and feed your Golden Child Its perfect vibrational food.
    Full Description
  • 30-Day "Opening Financial Flow" Journey with Jacqueline Joy
    MP3 Audio Package

    30 MP3 Audio recordings of Diamond 1000-frequency Golden Energy Transmissions, originally delivered "LIVE", in April 2013, by Jacqueline Joy in the Unified Diamond Aloha Energy Field with Diamond Leaders across the world.
    Full Description
  • "LIVE" Diamond Mastery Clearing and Activation Transmission Package
    Advanced Leadership Transmissions, "LIVE" with Jacqueline Joy via conference call, laser-focused to birth a new vibrational configuration of Diamond Aloha Consciousness in whatever area of your body/life you choose to focus on.
    Full Description

Accelerate your path to Diamond Aloha Leadership
with this dynamic Diamond package!

Full Payment:
US $1500
3-Payment Plan:
US $500/month
US $150/month

For further information please contact: Sondra@DiamondAlignment.com

We look forward to being with you all in 2013 and Beyond
to create the Cosmic Diamond Aloha Wake!